Our Want List

We need your help. Located over a hundred miles from a city of 100,000 or more, we sometimes go weeks without seeing a bookperson, let alone a book scout, quoter or fellow dealer. Categories listed below are not lock-outs of one another. An interest in catalogs doesn't mean that the interest applies only to states we list. Likewise, if you have material about one of our states, please quote it, even if we didn't mention it in the subject guides.


Call us at 276-686-5813 or email us at [email protected].


STATES: West Virginia, Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky,
Deleware, Texas and Washington, D.C., before 1900.


APPALACHIAN: including the mountainous regions of Georgia, and southern states above; authors like, Harriett Arnow, Wilma Dykeman, Davis Grubb, and works by ministers and travelers in this area also.


PHOTOGRAPHS: of places or people or buildings or action or trains or motion especially in groups. MUST BE IDENTIFIED.


CIVIL WAR: Histories of battles, brigades, regiments, companies, platoons, - first person narratives, books printed in the south during the "War".


TRADE CATALOGS: These are brochures, pamphlets, yea, even hard bound books issued by manufacturers, wholesalers, jobbers, and retail stores about everything from electrified trusses to windmills. Our cut-off date is about 1926. Please watch to see that all pages are present. Attractive categories include:


Fireworks, steam engines that chug around by themselves, toys, explosives, builder supplies, hardware, buggies, any type of horsedrawn vehicle, iron fence, grave stones, shoes, optical catalog on any topic (coal mining, for instance, might have miner's lamps, railroads,) printing type, devices. In short, anyone's business is our business.


This interest expands to files of correspondence, plans for structures or machines, etc.


SHAPED NOTE SONG OR HYMN BOOKS: The notes must NOT be round notes. Many of these books are oblong, longer than they are high. Authors include Davisson, Carden, and others. Dates from 1780 to 1900.


Four-Shape Shape-Note Tunebooks wanted:



A Small Collection of Sacred Music, Chiefly Taken From the Kentucky Harmony & Supplement, 1825


American or Union Harmonist; Or a Choice Collection of Psalm Tunes, Hymns, and Athems, 1831


Kentucky Harmony Or a Choice Collection of Psalm Tunes Hymns and Anthems; in Three Parts, 1816


The Southern and Western Pocket Harmonist, Intended as an Appendix to The Southern Harmony, 1846 (c.1845)


The Virginia Sacred Minstrel, Containing a Collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes, 1817


United States Harmony, Containing a Plain and Easy Introduction,1829

Armstrong, John

Pittsburgh Selection of Psalm Tunes or Ancient Church Music Revived, 1816

Ball, Eli

The Manuel of the Sacred Choir, 1849

Boyd, James M.

The Virginia Sacred Musical Repository, 1818

Caldwell , William

Union Harmony: or Family Musician, Being a Choice Selection of Tunes,1837 (c. 1834)

Carden, Allen D.

The Missouri Harmony; Or a Choice Collection of Psalm Tunes, 1820 (pre 1840 only)

Carden, Allen D.

The Western Harmony: Or, The Learner's Task Made Easy, 1824

Carrell (or Carroll), James P.

Songs of Zion, 1820

Clayton, David L.

The Virginia Harmony, A New and Choice Selection of Psalm & Hymn Tunes, 1831

Cole, John

Union Harmony; Or, Music Made Easy, 1829

Davisson, Ananias

Introduction to Sacred Music Extracted from the Kentucky Harmony, 1821

Funk, Joseph

A Compilation of Genuine Church Music, 1832

Gordon, A.M.S. & T.W. Haynes

Sweets of Music, 1832

Hayden, Amos Sutton

Introduction to Sacred Music; Comprising the Necessary Rudiments, 1835

Hendrickson, George

The Union Harmony or A Choice Collection of Psalm Tunes, Hymns, and Anthems, 1848

Hood, George

The Southern Church Methodist: A Collection of Sacred Music, 1846

Jackson, John B.

The Knoxville Harmony of Music Made Easy, 1838

Johnson, Alexander

Johnson's Tennessee Harmony, 1818

Jones, L.J.

Southern Minstrel, 1849

Lewis, Freeman

The Beauties of Harmony, Containing the Rudiments of Music, 1814 (c. 1813)

M'Cormick, John

Western Harmonist, 1815

Rhinehart, William R.

The American Church Harp; Containing a Choice Selection of Hymns and Tunes, 1848

Steffey, John W.

The Valley Harmonist, Containing a Collection of Tunes from the Most Approved Authors, 1836

Walker, William

The Southern Harmony, and Music Companion: Containing a Choice Collection, 1835

Willis, Robert

Lexington Cabinet and Repository of Sacred Music, 1832 (1831?)



TECHNICAL: How to do it, machines, trades, etc. Hats, saddles, gyroscopes, coffins, cheese, dyes, etc. Books on small topics-shoes, metal boats, mills, etc. Cut-off date about 1910.


IMPRINTS: anything printed by NEALE of New York and or Washington. Anything printed by Henkel of New Market, Virginia.
Anything printed in any of our states before 1865.
Pennsylvania German Folklore Society
Sheet Music before 1920 (only): bound volumes (several pieces bound in one big book)